Eclipse Memory Analyzer 1.15.0 Release Review

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Small improvements, including updates to the leak suspects report, and bug fixes, including updates to Eclipse Platform for standalone MAT. Includes security updates for the Eclipse Platform for standalone builds, and to MAT if required.

Architectural Issues

Eclipse Memory Analyzer is stable and is used downstream by Eclipse Memory Analyzer Tool with DTFJ and IBM Extensions (IBM) and Eclipse JIFA, and the vlsi/mat-calcite-plugin extends MAT and provides SQL.

Eclipse Memory Analyzer uses Eclipse BIRT for charts. The last time BIRT was available in SimRel 2020-09, so since then MAT has contributed the BIRT plugins from the BIRT update site it needs via the MAT build.

The Eclipse JIFA project, a web version of MAT, continues, but that project does make source updates to MAT for that project's use.

Security Issues

For the stand-alone Memory Analyzer 1.15.0 builds, the base Eclipse platform has been updated to 2023-12 to pick up fixes for CVE-2023-4218, CVE-2023-33201, CVE-2021-28170.

Non-Code Aspects

Documentation has been updated with some of the new features.

There are limited examples / cheatsheets which still apply to 1.15.0

Numbers, times, dates etc. are localized via ICU4J.


Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
Not verified

There were about 10 Eclipse forum threads since the last release 1.14.0, which have been answered.

Most discussion of the project by committers has been conducted on the Memory Analyzer developer mailing list:

There have been 9 different people posting to the list since 1.14.0.