Eclipse Orbit Project

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Commits on this project (last 12 months).
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Commits on this project by individuals over the last three months.
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Commits on this project by supporting organization over the last three months.
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Member companies supporting this project over the last three months.
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Project Lead

  • Roland Grunberg's picture
    Roland Grunberg


  • Andreas Sewe's picture
    Andreas Sewe
  • Ashish Singh's picture
    Ashish Singh
  • Carsten Reckord's picture
    Carsten Reckord
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    David Williams
  • Doug Schaefer's picture
    Doug Schaefer
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    erwin de ley
  • Evgeny Mandrikov's picture
    Evgeny Mandrikov
  • Gunnar Wagenknecht's picture
    Gunnar Wagenknecht
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    Horacio Hoyos
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    Jens Reimann
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    Jonah Graham
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    Lars Vogel
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    Marc-André Laperle
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    Markus Keller
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    Markus Knauer
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    Mat Booth
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    Matthias Sohn
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    Mickael Istria
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    Mikael Barbero
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    Nicholas Loulloudes
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    Noopur Gupta
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    Philip Wenig
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    Pierre-Charles David
  • Roland Grunberg's picture
    Roland Grunberg
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    Ryan Brooks
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    Sarika Sinha
  • Steffen Pingel's picture
    Steffen Pingel
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    Thomas Watson

Historical Committers

  • Adam Archer's picture
    Adam Archer
  • Adolfo Sanchez-Barbudo Herrera's picture
    Adolfo Sanchez-Barbudo Herrera
  • Alexey Aristov's picture
    Alexey Aristov
  • Andrea Zoppello's picture
    Andrea Zoppello
  • Andreas Weber's picture
    Andreas Weber
  • Andrew Overholt's picture
    Andrew Overholt
  • Anthony Hunter's picture
    Anthony Hunter
  • Austin Riddle's picture
    Austin Riddle
  • Bjorn Freeman-Benson's picture
    Bjorn Freeman-Benson
  • Blaise Doughan's picture
    Blaise Doughan
  • Boris Bokowski's picture
    Boris Bokowski
  • Chris Aniszczyk's picture
    Chris Aniszczyk
  • Christian Campo's picture
    Christian Campo
  • Christian Krause's picture
    Christian Krause
  • Christian W. Damus's picture
    Christian W. Damus
  • Danail Branekov's picture
    Danail Branekov
  • Dave Borowitz's picture
    Dave Borowitz
  • David Carver's picture
    David Carver
  • David Green's picture
    David Green
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    DJ Houghton
  • Donat Csikos's picture
    Donat Csikos
  • Edwin Park's picture
    Edwin Park
  • Eike Stepper's picture
    Eike Stepper
  • Gabriel BARBIER's picture
    Gabriel BARBIER
  • Gustavo de Paula's picture
    Gustavo de Paula
  • Henrik Rentz-Reichert's picture
    Henrik Rentz-Reichert
  • Hubert Leung's picture
    Hubert Leung
  • Hugues Malphettes's picture
    Hugues Malphettes
  • Jeff McAffer's picture
    Jeff McAffer
  • Jesse McConnell's picture
    Jesse McConnell
  • Joel Cayne's picture
    Joel Cayne
  • Joel Rosi-Schwartz's picture
    Joel Rosi-Schwartz
  • John Graham's picture
    John Graham
  • Ketan Padegaonkar's picture
    Ketan Padegaonkar
  • Kim Moir's picture
    Kim Moir
  • Krzysztof Daniel's picture
    Krzysztof Daniel
  • Lazar Kirchev's picture
    Lazar Kirchev
  • Linda Chan's picture
    Linda Chan
  • Marcel Bruch's picture
    Marcel Bruch
  • Markus Kuppe's picture
    Markus Kuppe
  • Martin Oberhuber's picture
    Martin Oberhuber
  • Michael Rennie's picture
    Michael Rennie
  • Mike Squillace's picture
    Mike Squillace
  • Nicolas Bros's picture
    Nicolas Bros
  • Oisin Hurley's picture
    Oisin Hurley
  • Oliver Wolf's picture
    Oliver Wolf
  • Pascal Rapicault's picture
    Pascal Rapicault
  • QiongFeng Huang's picture
    QiongFeng Huang
  • Robert Wetzold's picture
    Robert Wetzold
  • Roy Ganor's picture
    Roy Ganor
  • Sebastian Zarnekow's picture
    Sebastian Zarnekow
  • Shane Clarke's picture
    Shane Clarke
  • Simon Kaegi's picture
    Simon Kaegi
  • Sonia Dimitrov's picture
    Sonia Dimitrov
  • Stephan Leicht Vogt's picture
    Stephan Leicht Vogt
  • Stuart Mcculloch's picture
    Stuart Mcculloch
  • Thomas Schindl's picture
    Thomas Schindl
  • Tom Ware's picture
    Tom Ware
  • Torkild U. Resheim's picture
    Torkild U. Resheim
  • Vincent Zurczak's picture
    Vincent Zurczak
  • Werner Keil's picture
    Werner Keil
  • Wojciech Sudol's picture
    Wojciech Sudol
  • Xiaoying Gu's picture
    Xiaoying Gu