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Mobile applications are no longer optional but they're an imperative. The first issue faced by developers and organizations when developing mobile applications is that there are competing mobile application ecosystems to develop for. Not only they need to be competent on these platforms, API sets, programming languages and tools but also they need versions optimized for phone, tablet smart TV, smart watch and smart glasses etc..

Hybrid Mobile development platforms provide a way to take advantage of using web technologies (HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript) and release on multiple platforms. They allow application developers to leverage native platform features without the need to learn about each platform in great detail. Hybrid Mobile application development frameworks do a great job at providing a native container that abstracts developers from the platform details. Apache Cordova is the most popular and commonly used hybrid mobile development framework today. In addition to abstraction from native platform, it also provides a powerful feature set a very strong plugin ecosystem, and a healthy open source ecosystem to mobile developers.

However, the development of tools that span multiple mobile platforms is challenging because of the multiple languages, build processes, fast changing requirements and APIs that needs to be covered by the tools.

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