Eclipse Titan™ 6.4.0 Release Review

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This release is mainly a corrective release, it introduces no major new features. No backward incompatibilities are to be expected, with maybe one exception we see as a minor risk:   the fix for


Bug 533767 - RAW encoder ALIGN(right) is working according of specification of ALIGN(left) (and vice versa) for octetstring

may induce under some unlikely circumstances an incompatible behaviour.

This version has the following new features:

  • Implement verdict redirect for 'done' statement
  • str2float should handle special float values
  • RT2 record equality
  • string2ttcn to filter patterns of visible characters in octetstrings
  • Syntax to bind a variant attribute to multiple encodings
  • TITAN build on Alpine Linux
  • new tpd tag disableUserInformation
  • runs on scope reduction (Titanium)
  • Add discarding option to 'setstate' operation
  • Notify user if port is not mapped in translation mode
  • Implement reference to port in translation function
  • Implement extendable sequence coding in OER
  • TAG and CROSSTAG for JSON encoder
Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
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