Eclipse Titan™ 8.0.0 Release Review

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Titan 8.0.0 release

Release highlights:

· General · Titan source repositories moved to GitLab ( The referenced issue numbers in this document mean GitLab issue numbers (

· C++ compiler

· Bugfixes (402, 408, 486, 546)

· Exception handling implemented in Object Oriented features, the OOP implementation now complies to v1.1.1 of the related standard ( · OOP Standard Collections published

· JSON default handling optimization (547)

· XML handling bugfix (545, Backward-incompatible change!)

· Eclipse Plug-ins

· Bugfixes (390, 399, 408, 411)

· Java compiler can produce CI-integrable output (EXPERIMENTAL) (

For the complete list and detailed description of the changes please refer to the Release notes document and Change Log documents

The latest Titan version (both C and Java sides) can be downloaded from the download page.

With best regards,

Nagy Lénárd

on behalf of the Titan Developer Team

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