Eclipse Target Management: Terminal and Remote System Explorer (RSE) 3.6.0 Release Review

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The Target Management Project provides data models, frameworks and tools for working with remote computer systems. The main deliverable is the Remote System Explorer (RSE), a feature-rich integrated perspective and toolkit for seamlessly working on remote systems. Besides that, we deliver flexible, re-usable components for Networking and Target Management that run stand-alone or integrated with RSE.

In terms of interfaces to other Eclipse projects, we provide an Eclipse Filesystem (EFS) provider to allow remote resources be mapped into an Eclipse Workspace. The DLTK and CDT projects are other Eclipse projects known to integrate with Target Management. PTP and PDT can use TM services via the underlying DLTK and CDT layers. Several Eclipse Packages include TM (The Eclipse for Web package, for instance, includes the TM Terminal).

The 3.6 release of TM provides the following features:

  • Support for “Copy & Paste” keyboard shortcuts added to Terminal as well as general support for handling keyboard shortcuts locally in Eclipse
  • A number of stability and bug fixes
  • An upgraded build & releng system based on Maven / Tycho / CBI, along with a Hudson verification job and a HIPP instance, allowing for faster processing of inbound contributions and unittest verification of changes
This release is part of Luna

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