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Eclipse ExpressLy

Saturday, December 11, 2021 - 08:48 by Arjan Tijms
This proposal is in the Project Proposal Phase (as defined in the Eclipse Development Process) and is written to declare its intent and scope. We solicit additional participation and input from the community. Please login and add your feedback in the comments section.
Parent Project
Proposal State

With this restructuring review, we will split the implementation out from the existing Jakarta Expression Language specification project into its own separate Eclipse open source project. Specifically, the directory containing the implementation code ( will be split from the Jakarta Expression Language project into a separate repository managed by the new project.


Eclipse ExpressLy provides an implementation of the Jakarta Expression Language specification.


Eclipse ExpressLy implements Jakarta Expression Language, a technology that helps software developers embed dynamically evaluated expressions in things like XML attributes, directly as template text in documents, in annotation attributes and generally as strings in Java code.

Why Here?

Expression Language and its implementation are already here, so it makes sense to continue developing it here. It's not new code, but a restructuring of existing code. This had been done before for several other projects such as Eclipse WaSP and Eclipse Angus.

Project Scheduling

The initial contribution will be done together with the creation of the project, as it's all the code from After the project has been created (and seeded with the contents from, the impl folder will be deleted at and all folders except the impl folder will be deleted at the location of the new project.

Future Work

We'll continue implementing Jakarta Expression Language in the same way as it was done at

For the short term this means implementing and releasing the Jakarta Expression Language 5 compatible implementation according to the Jakarta EE specification process.

Project Leads
Initial Contribution

As this is a restructuring, the initial contribution is all the code from

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