Cloud Native Java

Eclipse Gran Sasso

Eclipse Gran Sasso is a pilot project that predicts performance of cloud-native enterprise Java applications and traditional application servers using AI/ML techniques. By building deep learning

Eclipse Epicyro

Eclipse Epicyro implements Jakarta Authentication, a technology that defines a low-level SPI for authentication mechanisms, which are controllers that interact with a caller and a container’s

Eclipse Documentation for Jakarta EE

The Eclipse Documentation for Jakarta EE project hosts documentation intended for programmers interested in developing and deploying Jakarta EE applications. It covers the technologies comprising the

Eclipse Open DI

This project provides an implementation of Jakarta CDI-lite specification based on Micronaut framework.

Eclipse Migration Toolkit for Java

The Eclipse Migration Toolkit for Java is a tooling project for assisting the Java version migration. The project provides static/dynamic tools and documents that support the migration of Java


The MicroProfile® project is aimed at optimizing Enterprise Java for the microservices architecture. Many innovative "microservice" Enterprise Java environments and frameworks already exist in the

Eclipse Cargo Tracker

Eclipse Cargo Tracker™demonstrates how you can develop applications with the Jakarta EE platform using widely adopted architectural best practices like Domain-Driven Design (DDD). The code is intended