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Commits on this project (last 12 months).
Individual Contribution Activity: 
Commits on this project by individuals over the last three months.
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Commits on this project by supporting organization over the last three months.
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Member companies supporting this project over the last three months.
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PMC Lead

  • Gunnar Wagenknecht's picture
    Gunnar Wagenknecht

PMC Members

  • Chris Aniszczyk's picture
    Chris Aniszczyk
  • Eric Rizzo's picture
    Eric Rizzo
  • Gunnar Wagenknecht's picture
    Gunnar Wagenknecht
  • Konstantin Komissarchik's picture
    Konstantin Komissarchik
  • Wayne Beaton's picture
    Wayne Beaton

Historical Committers

  • Achille Fokoue's picture
    Achille Fokoue
  • Adrian Colyer's picture
    Adrian Colyer
  • Agata Muszycka-Jones's picture
    Agata Muszycka-Jones
  • Aleksi Uotila's picture
    Aleksi Uotila
  • Andrew Clement's picture
    Andrew Clement
  • Annie Ying's picture
    Annie Ying
  • Bertrand Portier's picture
    Bertrand Portier
  • Bill Chung's picture
    Bill Chung
  • Bill Harrison's picture
    Bill Harrison
  • BJ Hargrave's picture
    BJ Hargrave
  • Bjorn Freeman-Benson's picture
    Bjorn Freeman-Benson
  • Brian Barry's picture
    Brian Barry
  • Brian E. Deuser's picture
    Brian E. Deuser
  • Carl McConnell's picture
    Carl McConnell
  • Daniel Schumacher's picture
    Daniel Schumacher
  • Dave Spriet's picture
    Dave Spriet
  • David Lauzon's picture
    David Lauzon
  • David Shields's picture
    David Shields
  • David Steinberg's picture
    David Steinberg
  • Dwight Deugo's picture
    Dwight Deugo
  • Ed Merks's picture
    Ed Merks
  • Ed Willink's picture
    Ed Willink
  • Elena Litani's picture
    Elena Litani
  • Erik Hilsdale's picture
    Erik Hilsdale
  • Erxiang Liu's picture
    Erxiang Liu
  • Frank Budinsky's picture
    Frank Budinsky
  • Frederic Jouault's picture
    Frederic Jouault
  • Frederic Philippe's picture
    Frederic Philippe
  • Gabby Silberman's picture
    Gabby Silberman
  • Geoff Clemm's picture
    Geoff Clemm
  • Ghica van Emde Boas's picture
    Ghica van Emde Boas
  • Glyn Normington's picture
    Glyn Normington
  • Gregor Kiczales's picture
    Gregor Kiczales
  • Harold Ossher's picture
    Harold Ossher
  • Helen Hawkins's picture
    Helen Hawkins
  • Janelle Carroll's picture
    Janelle Carroll
  • Jay Rosenthal's picture
    Jay Rosenthal
  • Jeff Hoare's picture
    Jeff Hoare
  • Jeff McAffer's picture
    Jeff McAffer
  • Jeff Mitchell's picture
    Jeff Mitchell
  • Jennifer Fogell's picture
    Jennifer Fogell
  • Jim Clune's picture
    Jim Clune
  • Jim Miles's picture
    Jim Miles
  • Jim Robbins's picture
    Jim Robbins
  • Jim Wright's picture
    Jim Wright
  • John Beatty's picture
    John Beatty
  • John Duimovich's picture
    John Duimovich
  • Johnathan Gossage's picture
    Johnathan Gossage
  • Jorn Bettin's picture
    Jorn Bettin
  • Julian J W Chen's picture
    Julian J W Chen
  • Julie Waterhouse's picture
    Julie Waterhouse
  • Julie Yang's picture
    Julie Yang
  • Juri Memmert's picture
    Juri Memmert
  • Keith Kimball's picture
    Keith Kimball
  • Ken Gilmer's picture
    Ken Gilmer
  • Lawrence Mandel's picture
    Lawrence Mandel
  • Lynne Kues's picture
    Lynne Kues
  • Marcellus Mindel's picture
    Marcellus Mindel
  • Marcelo Paternostro's picture
    Marcelo Paternostro
  • Margaret-Anne Storey's picture
    Margaret-Anne Storey
  • Mark Chu-Carroll's picture
    Mark Chu-Carroll
  • Mark Kofman's picture
    Mark Kofman
  • Mark Patel's picture
    Mark Patel
  • Mark Rogalski's picture
    Mark Rogalski
  • Mary Ruddy's picture
    Mary Ruddy
  • Matt Chapman's picture
    Matt Chapman
  • Matt Lavin's picture
    Matt Lavin
  • Mel Martinez's picture
    Mel Martinez
  • Mik Kersten's picture
    Mik Kersten
  • Olivier Gruber's picture
    Olivier Gruber
  • Pam Tobias's picture
    Pam Tobias
  • Pascal Rapicault's picture
    Pascal Rapicault
  • Paul Trevithick's picture
    Paul Trevithick
  • Peri Tarr's picture
    Peri Tarr
  • Peter Kriens's picture
    Peter Kriens
  • Peter Mackie's picture
    Peter Mackie
  • Peter Nehrer's picture
    Peter Nehrer
  • Phil Loats's picture
    Phil Loats
  • Po-Jen Hsiao's picture
    Po-Jen Hsiao
  • Rafael Chaves's picture
    Rafael Chaves
  • Rhett Savage's picture
    Rhett Savage
  • Richard Redpath's picture
    Richard Redpath
  • Richard Wilson's picture
    Richard Wilson
  • Ringo De Smet's picture
    Ringo De Smet
  • Ringo De Smet's picture
    Ringo De Smet
  • Robert Schloss's picture
    Robert Schloss
  • Saad Alam's picture
    Saad Alam
  • Sam J. Rauch's picture
    Sam J. Rauch
  • Shane Curcuru's picture
    Shane Curcuru
  • Sian January's picture
    Sian January
  • Simon Burns's picture
    Simon Burns
  • Stan Sutton's picture
    Stan Sutton
  • Stephen W. Ryner's picture
    Stephen W. Ryner
  • Steve Poole's picture
    Steve Poole
  • Ted Habeck's picture
    Ted Habeck
  • Thomas Watson's picture
    Thomas Watson
  • Tim O.Connor's picture
    Tim O.Connor
  • Tova Roth's picture
    Tova Roth
  • Uriel Liu's picture
    Uriel Liu
  • Vincent Kruskal's picture
    Vincent Kruskal
  • Vincent Mo's picture
    Vincent Mo
  • Wayne Beaton's picture
    Wayne Beaton
  • Weston Isberg's picture
    Weston Isberg
  • Woody Huang's picture
    Woody Huang
  • Yu You's picture
    Yu You

Architecture Council Top Level Project Representative

  • Gunnar Wagenknecht's picture
    Gunnar Wagenknecht

Planning Council Representative

  • Chris Aniszczyk's picture
    Chris Aniszczyk