Eclipse IoT-Testware Creation Review

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Eclipse IoT-Testware

Parent Project: 

The open source community has produced a lot of excellent technology, frameworks and products that help with implementing IoT applications. A developer usually selects an appropriate set of technology and components and incorporates them into an application. The chosen components need to support the implementation of all relevant aspects of an IoT solution including device connectivity, management, monitoring, and business logic and last but not least security enforcement at all levels.

Implementing test suites and cases covering the many aspects, levels, interfaces and protocols ensuring scalability, interoperability and security is a tedious task. There is currently a lot of redundant pre competitive activities ongoing with limited access and impact to the IoT community.


It is the scope of the project to support conformance, interoperability, robustness, and security testing of IoT devices and services via TTCN-3 test suites and cases. The project should help companies to improve their IoT product quality though sharing of pre-competitive test suites.


It is the aim of the project to supply a rich set of TTCN-3 test suites and test cases for IoT technologies to enable developers in setting up a comprehensive test environment of their own, if needed from the beginning of a project. TTCN-3 has been defined and standardized by the European Telecommunication Standards Institute in ETSI ES 201873 and related extension packages. It is implemented and supported in Eclipse IoT by the Titan project.

The initial contribution of IoT-Testware to Eclipse will focus on protocols like CoAP and MQTT. This list will be extended during the project. To ensure test and implementation technology independence, and the test suites will be realized in TTCN-3 and implemented with Titan. The test suites will contain tests for conformance, interoperability, robustness, and security aspects.

Eclipse Titan has already protocol modules for CoAP and MQTT including type systems and codec. IoT-Testware will rely on these type systems and develop codec libraries and test cases based on them.

The IoT-Testware test suites will have a well-defined test suite structure (TSS) and a set of protocol implementation conformance statements (PICS) as well as protocol implementation extra information for testing (PIXIT). The work will follow the standardized approach as defined in ISO “Conformance Test Methodology and Framework” IS 9646 and the best practices as described by ETSI White Paper No 3 “Achieving Technical Interoperability – the ETSI Approach”.

Why Here?: 

Eclipse IoT-Testware will collaborate with the Eclipse Titan project as the Eclipse open source solution for executing TTCN-3, even though the project will be TTCN-3 tool independent (and e.g. other tools such as the Spirent TTworkbench could be used instead).

Project Scheduling: 

The initial contribution Q3 2017.

We expect a production ready "1.0" release in Q3 of 2018.

Project Leads: 
Interested Parties: 

Fraunhofer FOKUS

itemis AG



relayr GmbH

Easy Global Market

Spirent Communications