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This proposal has been approved and the Eclipse MDM|BL project has been created.

Eclipse MDM|BL

This proposal is in the Project Proposal Phase (as defined in the Eclipse Development Process) and is written to declare its intent and scope. We solicit additional participation and input from the community. Please login and add your feedback in the comments section.
Parent Project: 

openMDM® is described as "an open-source, freely configurable and expandable software building block for the management of measurement data. Based on open standards and open interfaces, its other key features include high re-usability, flexible expandability and universal usability".

openMDM® uses a data storage system that complies with the Open Data Services (ODS) standard of the Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems e.V. (ASAM). ASAM is an organization which was set up by German car manufacturers to standardize data models and interfaces for simulation, measurement and evaluation systems. ODS thereby ensures compatibility of data across different platforms and tools by specifying a consistent format.


The MDM|BL project covers the basic framework to build an application to work with openMDM data based on the ASAM ODS standard. Furthermore it defines the specification of  the openMDM business objects and how they are implemented within the ASAM ODS standard.

This Project is part of the Open-Measured-Data-Management-WG


The MDM|BL comprises a bottom to top architecture view of three parts.

The first one is a specific openMDM application model definition for the ASAM ODS data storage. The standardization provides a structured representation for common use case related data in all openMDM application. The data model is split into the base model, which covers the most common use cases, and extensions for additional use cases.

The base model and every extension has an associated API interface. These interfaces are used by higher level components to work with openMDM business objects. In addition there are a set of business interfaces, which represent non data based enterprise use cases.

At the top of the layer there are the implementations of the business interfaces. In consideration of the API  there normally will be an  ODS server implementation but in some use cases the data storage is implemented otherwise. Virtual objects or the storage in an ODS ATFX file are examples.

Concerning the runtime view the business layer project defines a core application structure, which every openMDM application is based on. This structure is composed of services and rules how these services should be used and be executed at runtime.

Why Here?: 

With the migration to open source development, the core functionality for measured data management solutions can be reused for different applications. Instead of expensive isolated solutions, new solutions can rely on the common framework.

We hope to encourage other manufacturers in the automotive industry to adopt the ODS standard for structured data management and to popularize our solution to other industries.

Project Leads: 
Interested Parties: 

The following individuals, organisations, companies and projects have expressed interest in this project:

  • Audi AG
  • BMW AG
  • Daimler AG
  • Canoo Engineering AG
  • GIGATRONIK Ingolstadt GmbH
  • Peak Solution GmbH
  • science + computing ag
Source Code
Initial Contribution: 

ASAM ODS Corba Interface. The ASAM ODS CORBA interface is a IDL Definition of the ASAM ODS OO-API. This is the ASAM ODS specification for storing and retrieving measurement data form the ODS server

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Hallo *

I would like to propose Sebastian Dirsch from GIGATRONIK as a committer as well. Furthermore a committer from science+computing AG would be welcome (how about Florian Schmitt)?

Best regards, Sven.



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Hallo *,

Audi considers this project as very important fpr the openMDM(R) Eclipse working group. The proposed lead, committers and mentor are welcome. We appreciate the launch of this project.

Sven Wittig
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