Eclipse Migration Toolkit for Java

The Eclipse Migration Toolkit for Java is a tooling project for assisting the Java version migration. The project provides static/dynamic tools and documents that support the migration of Java applications from previous versions of OpenJDK. The needed changes are highlighted in the final analysis reports.

To better illustrate what the tool can provide, consider the user story like this:

1. Tom is a Java developer who is migrating his application from Java 8 to Java 11.

2. His application consists of 1000~ jars, written in 100,000~ lines of code. Tom reads related migration guides on the internet and finally finds it is tough to check/make all required changes in such a large codebase suggested by these migration docs.

3. Tom decides to use this toolset for his migration.

4. Tom attaches the Java agent in the toolset to his application when the application is started with Java 8. He runs all test cases of this application in the test environment. After completion, a compatibility report is generated for him.

5. Tom makes the required changes according to the capability report. He also uses the command-line tool to scan all jars of this application, ensuring all potential problems are fixed. 

6. After completing all changes suggested by the toolset, his application runs with Java 11 successfully.

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