Eclipse Temurin® 2021.07.20

Release Date

The project plans comprise of:

  • Build, Test, TCK, Create Installers and release the July PSU for OpenJDK 8u, 11u, and 16u versions
  • Ensure the website and API offers those binaries to the community.
  • Deliver binaries in a variety of formats, including archives, OS packages, and installers.
  • Complete any outstanding items for the development community, infrastructure, and governance from AdoptOpenJDK to Eclipse Adoptium.



These binaries are produced in the same way that the first Eclipse Temurin 2021.07.07 binaries were produced.  In addition to the 2021.07.07 8u based version, this release will also release the 11u and 16u binaries based on July PSU tags.

Target Environments
  • Linux x86_64
    • Any Linux distributions that have a minimum glibc version 2.12 on x86 are expected to function without problems.
  • Windows x86_64
    • Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019. Other versions may work without problems.
  • MacOS x86_64
    • OSX 10.10 onwards
Name Date Description
Milestone 1 2021/07/20 Milestones for this project are tracked via the Github project here

Quarterly Maintenance Release

This is the second release of the Temurin project, designed to deliver a regular quarterly maintenance update for an already released set of OpenJDK binaries (e.g. 8u, 11u, 16u) through the technical and Eclipse governance processes with a limited set of platforms.