Eclipse eCAL (enhanced Communication Abstraction Layer)

Eclipse eCAL™ (enhanced Communication Abstraction Layer) provides a middleware that enables scalable, high performance interprocess communication on a single computer node or between different nodes in a computer network. Eclipse eCAL uses a publish-subscribe pattern to automatically connect different nodes in the network.

The middleware solution enables rapid prototyping for those high performance distributed meta-applications by providing the following base features:

  • intraprocess, interprocess and interhost communication
  • different transport layer implementations (shared memory, UDP, TCP)
  • different communication patterns as publish/subscribe and server/client
  • builtin support for multiple standard message protocols like google protobuf, flatbuffers or capnproto
  • support for Windows as well as POSIX operating systems
  • language bindings to C, C++, C#, Python, Rust, Go, M-Script
  • powerful additional tools for live data monitoring, recording and replay

For full documentation see official eCAL documentation.

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From 2024-06-21 to 2022-12-16

Name Date Review
5.13.2 2024-06-21
5.12.6 2024-06-21
5.13.1 2024-05-13
5.12.5 2024-04-25
5.13.0 2024-04-25
5.12.4 2024-02-08
5.11.8 2024-02-07
5.11.6 2023-10-27
5.12.1 2023-10-27
5.12.0 2023-08-08
5.11.5 2023-07-24
5.11.4 2023-04-06
5.11.3 2023-02-17
5.11.2 2023-01-20
5.11.1 2023-01-06
5.11.0 2022-12-16
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