Eclipse Leda


The Eclipse Leda project will provide system image “recipes” to deliver a functional Linux-based image/distribution in the context of SDV (Software Defined Vehicle), by pulling together individual contributons from the SDV and the larger OSS community.

The Eclipse Leda distribution will work with build scripts, package definitions, image build pipelines, etc, with the goal to pull SDV projects and dependecies from the larger OSS community into a working Linux system. Such system images (or other useful forms of delivery, as determined by the project) will be made available for consumption for anyone who is interested in working with the SDV tech stack. These deliveries take the form of container (base) images, installable/flashable image files, etc (again to be evolved by the project team according to community needs). Also in scope is concise and useful documentation for consumers of the project's deliverables, plus a method of delivering that documentation.

Name Date
0.1.0 2023-08-01
Name Date
Creation Review 2022-06-01