Eclipse MDM|BL 5.2.0

Release Date
Name Date Description
5.2.0M1 2020/05/04 New Features: * Upload/download file attachments to FileAttachables and context attributes * Show/edit context data based on MDM templates * ATFxAdapter supports model mapping via ExtSystem * XY-Chartviewer to view measurement data * Introduce user roles on the webclient
5.2.0M2 2020/05/29 Restructuring of repositories - the code from the repositories: org.eclipse.mdm.api.base, org.eclipse.mdm.api.default, org.eclipse.mdm.api.odsadapter, org.eclipse.mdm.nucleus moved to the new repo org.eclipse.mdm, including the history, the branches master, dev, release_candidate and existing committer feature branches. The following tags were created: 5.0.0, 5.1.0, 5.2.0M1.
5.2.0M3 2020/11/18 Support for importing/exporting ATFx external component files directly was added. Therefore some API methods in org.eclipse.mdm.api.base were changed. See for a detailed list of changes. The quickviewer and x-y-charviewer in the web client was extended to show multiple channels in its data table.
5.2.0M4 2021/03/29 Node Provider: The navigation structure of the client application can be adapted to the needs with one or more configurations of the Node Provider. Documentation: The technical documentation was transferred to AsciiDoc, the sources are now part of the mdm Git repository.