Eclipse BaSyx 1.0.0 (.NET)

The first official release of the Eclipse BaSyx .NET SDK comprising a set of building blocks having full compatibility to the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) meta-model described in "Details of the Asset Administration Shell (Part 1) v. 2.0.1". That includes reading, manipulating and writing of AASX package files, creating and hosting Asset Administration Shells, Submodels resp. their individual Repositories - and all that in a ditributed manner and with an optional but appealing user-interface (UI). And of course according client libraries for easy integration into you application are served as well. Additionally, infrastructure components (e.g. Registry) are provided as implementable interface or off-the-shelf component with zero to minimal integration effort. In a nutshell, you've got all the tools to build your own Industry 4.0 ecosystem. Distributable, scalable and independent of any target platform since all components are ready to be deployed from Edge (e.g. RaspberryPi) to the Cloud (e.g. Azure).


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Major release (API breakage)