Eclipse BaSyx 1.0.1 (JAVA)

The 1.0.1 release of BaSyx will address a variety of bugs as well as address several compatibility issues with the AASX Package Explorer.

The following updates are included:

  • Fixes crash when invoking an Operation with zero OutputVariables
  • Fixes ProviderException only accepting Exceptions instead of Throwables during construction
  • Fixes inconsistent handling of HTTP/REST endpoints
  • Fixes ProviderException incorrectly handling the message of the passed Throwable (Bug 573180)
  • Fixes BaSyxHttpServer failing silently
  • Fixes Camunda having a dependency conflict
  • Fixes inconsistency in handling AASX files in contrast to AASX Package Explorer and increased compatibility (e.g. Bug 571725, Bug 571725)
  • Fixes issues in XML (De-)serialization in regard to OperationVariables used in Operations
  • Fixes issue with SubmodelElements that have an idShort starting with "value"
  • Fixes missing modelType of Qualifier
  • Fixes issue with deserializing an AAS Environment in JSON when only a reference to an Asset was included
  • Fixes wrong exception handling when a nonexisting HTTP path was accessed
  • Adds missing Capability SubmodelElement
  • Fixes HTTPS issue with OpenJDK
  • Fixes wrong ID creation during AASX serialization
  • Enforces created AASX files only including absolute paths for increased AASX Package Explorer compatibility (Bug 571592)
  • Fixes wrong initialization for Submodels stored in MongoDB
  • Fixes HTTPSConnector being in the wrong folder
  • Fixes MongoDB backend not correctly deleting Submodels
  • Fixes handling of XMLGregorianCalendar as Property value
  • Fixes wrong serialization of billOfMaterial entry in Asset
Release Date
Release Type
Service release (bug fixes only)