Eclipse BaSyx 1.2.0 (JAVA)

This major update of BaSyx introduces the following new features and bugfixes:


  • CORS-Support
  • Asset Reference Harmonization
  • TaggedDirectory:
    • Adds support for authorization
    • Adds support for MQTT Eventing
  • Updates Tomcat to Version 9.0.64
  • Graceful shutdown of AAS Server unregisters contained AAS/Submodels if a registry is configured


  • Fixes missing initialization of Lists in AasEnv
  • Fixes missing URL harmonization in ConnectedAASManager
  • Fixes handling of empty booleans in AASXToMetamodelConverter
  • Fix synchronous operation invocation with explicit ?async=false
  • Fixes valueType of Properties being accidentally overwritten
  • Fixes value conversion on Property retrieval
  • Fixes response object map used as invocation response in async operation
  • Fixes submodel element values serialization when getting "/values"
  • Fixes ObservableAASRegistry not propagating delete call on Submodel
  • Fixes MongoDB backend creating too many connections
  • Fixes mqtt configuration not loaded in Docker containers
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Minor release