Eclipse BaSyx 1.3.0 (JAVA)

This major update of BaSyx introduces the following new features and bugfixes:




  • Fixes missing "Content-type" header in CORS
  • Fixes crash with MQTT if no submodel parent is configured
  • Fixes NullPointerExceptions when getting reference lists
  • Fixes missing serialization preparation in ConnectedProperty
  • Fixes Entity's statement deserialization typo
  • Fixes wrong handling of Entity's statements in valueOnly requests
  • Fixes wrong handling of anyURI valueType
  • Fixes wrong handling of null values for boolean Properties in XML/AASX files
  • Fixes AASServer component reuploading existing AAS/Submodel to itself during registration process
  • Fixes AASServer's getURL returning wrong URL in some cases
  • Fixes crash related to properties with null as value


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Minor release