Eclipse BaSyx 1.4.0 (JAVA)


  • AAS/Submodels added to the AAS Server are now automatically registered with the Registry, if configured
  • File SubmodelElements now support upload/download of files by a dedicated HTTP/REST API
    • Upload via HTTP/POST [1] (path-to-file-submodelelement/File/upload)
    • Download via HTTP/GET [1] (path-to-file-submodelelement/File)
    • Supported for both InMemory and MongoDB backend
  • If a file is uploaded to a File SubmodelElement, the value of the File SubmodelElement is automatically adapted
  • The ConnectedAASManager now tries all endpoints and takes the first working one
    • This is particulary useful in reverse-proxy scenarios where only certain endpoints may be valid depending on the context



  • Fixes bug where aasx file unpacking could fail
  • Fixes scenarios where an mqtt client was not shut down correctly
  • Fixes signals like SIGTERM not being correctly propagated to the Docker components
    • Shutting down an AAS Server gracefully now unregisters every contained AAS/Submodel, if a registry is configured



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