Eclipse BaSyx 1.5.0 (JAVA)


  • RBAC can now be configured based on submodel SemanticId
  • Reworks MongoDB backend implementation to be stateless, thus enabling better scaling
  • Adds compatibility for inconsistently specified dataTypes (allows uppercase)
  • Adds ConnectedEntity for working with remote Entity SMEs
  • Adds support for implementing further EmbeddedDataSpecification



  • Fixes empty assets in AAS when deserializing from XML/AASX
  • Fixes RBAC configuration file not being read from file system
  • Adds missing ValueType "decimal"
  • Fixes File SubmodelElement's files sometimes not being served
  • Fixes order of calls to AAS Server & AAS Registry in case of AAS/Submodel deletion to ensure consistent state in registry
  • Fixes collisions in case of loading multiple AASX that included files with same file name
  • Fixes AASX upload ignoring files included in AASX
  • Fixes submodel elements being duplicated in MongoDB when being created in an SMC



  • Renames "" entry of AAS Server configuration to "aas.externalurl" to highlight its intention and avoid confusion. "" still works to ensure backward compatibility.
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Minor release