Eclipse CDT Cloud


The Eclipse CDT Cloud project is about technologies for the development of web- and cloud-based C/C++ tools. It does not aim at providing components that are already available from other open source projects, but rather augment the open source ecosystem with components that are identified to be missing.

The initial scope of the project will include the following sub components, they are described in more detail in the following section:

  • Eclipse Trace Compass Cloud: A web-based version of the existing tracing tool “Trace Compass”
  • CDT GDB-DAP Adapter: An adapter to connect a debugger UI via the debug adapter protocol to GDB debug sessions.
  • Eclipse CDT Cloud Blueprint: A template tool distribution for C/C++ development bundling common building blocks such as a language server, a debugger, a trace view, etc.

However, the scope of the project will be extended by new components once they are required by the project’s stakeholders. These might be the results of current initiatives of the embedded SIG including: A memory inspection view, a context switcher for the clangd language server and support for multiple context debugging.

Name Date
Name Date
Restructuring Review 2023-01-25
Creation Review 2021-12-01