Eclipse Tools for Cloud Foundry 1.0 (Neon)

Eclipse Tools for Cloud Foundry (CFT) provide an extensible framework and common UI to deploy applications to different Cloud Foundry targets, and it is a framework that closely integrates with Web Tools Platform (WTP) and Eclipse. It allows application scaling and services management from the same Eclipse-based IDE where applications are developed.

This is the first release of the Eclipse Tools for Cloud Foundry project after moving from the Cloud Foundry Foundation. This release involves all the necessary work required for moving to Eclipse.



Updates containing fixes for known bugs in the latest releases available from the downloads section and the Eclipse marketplace.


Release Date
Release Type
Major release (API breakage)
This release is part of Neon
Name Date Description
M1 2015/11/23 1.0 M1
M2 2015/11/25 1.0 M2
M3 2016/02/17 1.0 M3
M6 2016/03/23 1.0 M6
M7 2016/05/04 1.0 M7
RC1 2016/05/18 1.0 RC1
RC2 2016/05/25 1.0 RC2
RC3 2016/06/01 1.0 RC3
RC4 2016/06/08 1.0 RC4
1.0 2016/06/22 1.0