Eclipse Tools for Cloud Foundry 1.1.2 (Oxygen.2)

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Compatibility of this release is still TBM but most likely will still be fully API compatible with previous Neon (1.0.x), Oxygen (1.1.0) and Oxygen1 (1.1.1) releases.



Internationalization and Localization will be supported.

Where possible, projects should use an open and transparent process to create, maintain and deliver language packs translated into multiple languages in a timely manner. The primary languages to consider are: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish.

  • Internationalization (I18N)

    Each project should be able to work in an international environment, including support for operating in different locales and processing/displaying international data (dates, strings, etc.).

  • Localization

    Each project should provide an environment that supports the localization of the technology (i.e. translation). This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring that strings are externalized for easy translation.

Target Environments


CFT will support the platforms certified by the Eclipse Platform project. For a list of platforms supported, see Eclipse Target Operating Environments


This release is currently proposed to be part of the Eclipse Simulataneous release for Oxygen. Given that this project depends on the Eclipse WTP project which is a +2 project. CFT is proposed to be a +3 project for the milestone deliveries.  For details, refer to Oxygen Simulataneous Release Plan.

Name Date Description
RC1 2017/11/15 1.1.2 RC1
RC2 2017/11/22 1.1.2 RC2
RC3 2017/11/29 1.1.2 RC3
RC4 2017/12/07 1.1.2 RC4


Bug fixes and usability improvements.
  • Improve extension point for external contributions for Java standalone apps [491829] (target milestone: Future)
  • Drag.drop application to editor does not open dialogue on error [488597] (target milestone: Future)
  • JRebel breaking changes for JRebel integration in CFT 1.0 [494475] (target milestone: Future)
  • Replace Spring Boot jar packaging mechanism which is inaccurate [481547] (target milestone: Future)