Eclipse Che 4.2.0


The developer workspaces are built to be fully portable. The workspace are composed of their projects and their environments. The environments are Docker-based machines and Che manage the workspace lifecycle, both orchestrating project state and booting / suspending / imaging / stopping / workspace environments. Developer workspaces have the definition of commands which are processes injected into environments.

Che's cloud IDE has a new design and is providing support for more languages. The text editor is based on Orion. Java support is improved in this version with content assistant, multiple forms of refactoring, JavaDoc, quick fixes and class structure navigation. 


In the version 4.2.0, Che is adding:

  • New runtime stacks, templates, and commands for C, C++, Python and Android
  • GDB debugger for C, C++, Python and many other languages
  • Remote development of devices over SSH
  • Workspace auto-snapshot flows
  • New Vagrant-based installer
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Minor release