Eclipse Che 5.0

Che 5 is a generational advance of the world’s most popular open source developer workspace server and cloud IDE. Che lets you convert any production runtime into a developer workspace. Start with Docker or Compose, “dev mode” it with our agents, and then connect with your desktop IDE or our beautiful browser IDE.


This release includes:

  • New (fun!) CLI: Offline installation, simple configuration, and data backup.

  • CLI Assemblies: Inherit and customize the Che CLI for your custom assembly.

  • Docker Compose Runtimes: Dev workspaces with multiple containers.

  • Workspace Snapshots: Auto-image and auto-restore workspace state

  • Workspace Agents: Inject developer services into any workspaces.  

  • Docker Exec Agent: Replaces `docker exec` with Golang REST server for executing commands.

  • Stack Editor: Create stacks with your runtime, or edit and test any of our 30+ defaults.

  • Language Server Protocol: Connect open source language servers to Che.

  • New Debuggers: Added new Node.JS and Zend PHP debuggers.

  • SSH: Automatic key generation across all machines in a single workspace.

  • Desktop Sync: Synchronize workspaces with your local IDE.

  • Split & Resize: Terminals and editors can be split and sized to your exacting requirements.

  • Docker Store Certification: Security tested Che Docker image.

  • PHP: Auto-complete, definitions, debugging and more.

  • Chedir: Reproducible workspaces from your local repo with “che dir up” syntax.

  • Contributor-Friendly Docs: Easier to edit and now deployed in your Che instance.

  • More Responsive: Filesystem watchers optimize file operations and browser updates.

  • Bitnami Stacks: Certified workspace stacks for popular languages and frameworks.

  • CentOS: Che can now run on a CentOS based Docker image.


Read more information about the release on Eclipse Che Blog

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Major release (API breakage)