Eclipse Dirigible™ 2.7

This release provides enhancements in the RAD area such as new templates Master/Details, Map, Launchpad, Cockpit, CRUD templates based on the expereimental declarative REST frameworks, new Themes, etc.

Another major step in this release is the Kubernetes setup with the necessary configurations for scalability as well as the implementation with Dirigible of a management tool for Kubernetes - ZEUS.

The third set of features is the "lean"/non-OSGi AppServer distribution - AIR, with all the related optimizations.

Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
Name Date Description
2.7M1 2017/01/09 Extensions Manager View Enterprise JavaScript API Improvements and Fixes Dependencies for DataStructure artefacts Deep folder structure support for generation from templates Mater-Details templates Markers on Map template WebSockets Tunnel Bugfixes
2.7M2 2017/02/25 Semantics on data files import - append, replace, delete Discussion Boards Template CRUD Template with DAOism and aRESTme Cockpit Template Security Fixes Bug-fixes and Re-factoring
2.7M3 2017/05/04 Harmonising root folder for derby, repository and cmis Coherent repository facade Docker build fixes and improvements AIR distribution introduction Identity and Access Management Module New themes - wendy and baroness Zip Master Repository with Classloader support