Eclipse Dirigible™ 3.0

This release will be a major technology change as well as simplification regarding life-cycle management of the projects.

  • The RAP based WebIDE will be separated form the AppServer
  • AppServer will go non-OSGi
  • Light WebIDE will be promoted as default - Angular 1.x/Bootstrap with Orion Editor
  • Production readiness
    • Deployment model - Kubernetes + Docker
    • Structured Storage (RDBMS) - PostgreSQL
    • Unstructured Storage (noSQL) - Cassandra
    • Messaging Service - ActiveMQ
    • Process Engine - Flowable
    • Indexing Engine - Lucene
    • JavaScript Engine - Nashorn with ES6 support and V8 as an option
    • CXF for RESTful services
  • Project structure simplification
    • Plain Java modules for services
    • Webjars like modules for APIs and IDE plgins
    • Webjars like modules also for Dirigible's Applications
Release Date
Release Type
Major release (API breakage)