Eclipse Dirigible™ 3.5


  • Reset perspective option in Dirigible
  • Validation of the Listener handler to be done on Start
  • Restart the Listener after modification
  • Require confirmation from user on deletion of files, folders or projects
  • Problem with setTimestamp, setTime and setDate of Statement
  • Response API println and print don't work with UTF-8 characters
  • Security - Missing isInRole() method
  • Updating Date is not working on HANA database
  • Updating Boolean is not working on HANA database
  • Fiori theme fixes and improvements
  • Minor fixes


  • Select branch for Push
  • Select branch for Pull
  • Usage Statistics
  • Import an arbitrary file into a workspace folder
  • Generic support for Statusbar
  • Programmatic Custom Datasources Support
  • Destinations API v4
  • jsonpath and alphanumeric APIs v4
Release Date
Release Type
Minor release