Eclipse Dirigible™ 5.3


  • Select Partial Generation
  • Views ordering
  • Monaco - code completion of published modules
  • Add Tiles for the Generic Templates in Welcome Page
  • Add support for properties mapping in OData
  • Add support for nullable properties in OData
  • OpenUI5 starter pack
  • Generated REST API - add support for the produced content type
  • Git Share multiple projects to the same git repository
  • readEntitySimpleProperty and readEntitySimplePropertyValue in OData
  • Add a generic template for *.websocket sample
  • Add support for “many-to-one” associations in OData
  • Add support for create entity in OData
  • Add support for delete entity in OData
  • Add support for update entity in OData
  • Add support for autoIncrement property in DAO
  • Add Commit Id Info in About page


  • HTTP Client Async - class not found
  • Feed properties serialization issues
  • Add support for optional OData generation
  • Set on focus the selected view from the launchpad
  • Tolerant Foreign Keys in Schema
  • Default value support in DAO
  • Schema SQL is not correct
  • Missing Default Value property in the Schema Modeler
  • Missing quotes for default value in materializing
  • Protect the service path for OData
  • Git Share project leads to broken project in the workspace
  • NullPointerException on stop container
  • Fix duplicated reference keys during OData transformation in OData
  • Cannot see first project in Workbench on smaller screens
  • SAP CF - Import Project Fails
  • SAP CF - Missing Database Binding Configuration
  • SAP CF - Add Support for Binding of HANA Schema
  • Minor fixes
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