Eclipse Ditto™ 0.9.0

Following the initial release of Ditto, 0.8.0, which was done in 11/2018 the next release 0.9.0 will focus on the following areas:

  • Memory improvements for huge amounts (multi million) of digital twins which are held in memory
  • Adding metrics and logging around the connectivity feature in order to enable being able to operate connections to foreign systems/brokers via APIs
  • Enhancing Ditto's connectivity feature by additionally being able to connect to Apache Kafka
  • Performance improvements of Ditto' search functionality
  • Stabilization of cluster bootstrapping
  • Refactoring of how the services configurations are determined
  • Addition of a Helm template in order to simplify Kubernetes based deployments
  • Contributions from Microsoft in order to ease operating Eclipse Ditto on Microsoft Azure
Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
Name Date Description
0.9.0-M1 2019/03/28 Release notes: GitHub release:
0.9.0-M2 2019/04/29 Release notes: GitHub release: