Eclipse Ditto™ 1.1.0

The first minor release of Eclipse Ditto 1.x will focus on the following topics/enhancements:

  • Addition of MQTT 5 connectivity
  • Enriching emitted Ditto messages (e.g. twin events, live messages) with extra fields from the thing
  • Support for policies in Ditto Protocol and in Ditto Java client
  • Support for search in Ditto Protocol and in Ditto Java client
  • Run Ditto services with Java 11
  • First steps towards end-2-end acknowledgements handled by Ditto:

    Model implementations which Ditto 1.2.0 will use in order to e.g. settle/acknowledge received messages over protocols supporting that, based on the successful application of a received message to the Ditto persistence or even to other external subscribers.

    This will enable QoS 1 (at least once) processing of messages from connection protocols supporting different quality of services (e.g. AMQP, MQTT).
Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
Name Date Description
1.1.0-M2 2020/02/21 The 1.1.0-M1 build did fail on JIRO infrastructure - first release after migration.