Eclipse Ditto™ 2.3.0

The main improvements and additions of Ditto 2.3.0 are:

  • HTTP API for “live” commands
  • Smart channel strategy for live/twin read access
  • Configurable allowing creation of entities (policies/things) based on namespace and authenticated subjects
  • Allow using * as a placeholder for the feature id in selected fields

The following notable fixes are included:

  • Fix potential concurrent modification errors when using JavaScript payload mapping and global variables
  • Fix reconnect backoff for Kafka connections with authentication failures
  • Fix caching of JWTs in HTTP push connections
  • Fix potentially unreachable client actors in connections with clientCount > 1
  • Fix search inconsistencies for very active things during shard relocation (e.g. on rolling updates)
  • Fix that a Kafka connection with only targets remains “open” even if Kafka broker is not available
  • Allow usage of absolute domain paths ending with a “.” as Kafka bootstrap servers
  • Ensure that Ditto pub/sub state is eventually consistent with a guaranteed upper time limit

The following non-functional work is also included:

  • Update of several used dependencies
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Minor release