Eclipse Ditto™ 3.0.0

The main improvements and additions of Ditto 3.0.0 are:

  • Ability to search in JSON arrays and thus also for feature definitions
  • Several improvements around "metadata" in Ditto managed things
  • Creation of new HTTP API for CRUD management of Ditto managed connections
  • Addition of Ditto explorer UI for managing things, policies and connections
  • Support for EC signed JsonWebKeys (JWKs)
  • W3C WoT (Web of Things) adjustments and improvements for latest 1.1 "Candidate Recommendation" from W3C
  • Make "default namespace" for creating new entities configurable
  • Provide custom namespace when creating things via HTTP POST
  • Make it possible to provide multiple OIDC issuer urls for a single configured openid-connect "prefix"
  • Addition of a "CloudEvents" mapper for mapping CE payloads in Ditto connections

The following non-functional work is also included:

  • New Ditto "thing" search index massively improving write performance; reducing the search consistency lag and improving search query performance
  • Removal of former "ditto-concierge" service, moving its functionality to other Ditto services; reducing overall resource consumption and improving latency+throughput for API calls
  • Creation of common way to extend Ditto via DittoExtensionPoints
  • Rewrite of Ditto managed MQTT connections to use reactive-streams based client, supporting consumption applying backpressure
  • Further improvements on rolling updates and other failover scenarios
  • Consolidate and simplify DevOps command responses

The following notable fixes are included:

  • Passwords stored in the URI of connections to no longer need to be double encoded
  • Using the Normalized connection payload mapper together with enriched extra fields lead to wrongly merged things
  • Adding custom Java based MessageMappers to Ditto via classpath was no longer possible
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Major release (API breakage)