Eclipse Ditto™ 3.1.0

Eclipse Ditto 3.1.0 focuses on the following areas:

  • Conditional message processing based on a specified condition targeting the twin state
  • Support for reading/writing AMQP 1.0 "Message annotations" in Ditto managed connections
  • Policy imports: Reference other policies from policies, enabling reuse of policy entries
  • Several Ditto explorer UI enhancements
  • Support for configuring an audience for Ditto managed HTTP connections performing OAuth2.0 based authentication

The following non-functional work is also included:

  • End-2-End graceful shutdown support, enabling a smoother restart of Ditto services with less user impact
  • Support for encryption/decryption of secrets (e.g. passwords) part of the Ditto managed connections before persisting to the database
  • IPv6 support for blocked subnet validation

The following notable fixes are included:

  • Fixing that known connections were not immediately started after connectivity service restart
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