Eclipse Ditto™ 3.2.0

Eclipse Ditto 3.2.0 focuses on the following areas:

  • New History API in order to be able to:
    • access historical state of things/policies/connections (with either given revision number or timestamp)
    • stream persisted events of things/policies via async APIs (WebSocket, Connections) and things also via existing SSE (Server-Sent-Events) API
    • configure deletion retention of events in the database for each entity
  • Addition of new Eclipse Hono connection type for Ditto managed connections
  • Option to do case-insensitive searches and addition of a new RQL operator to declare case-insensitive like: ilike
  • UI enhancements:
    • Push notifications on the Ditto UI using SSE (Server-Sent-Events), e.g. on thing updates
    • Autocomplete functionality for the search slot
    • Added configuring Bearer auth type for the "devops" authentication
  • JavaScript client:
    • Support for "merge" / "patch" functionality in the JS client

The following non-functional work is also included:

None in this release.

The following notable fixes are included:

  • Undo creating implicitly created policy as part of thing creation if creation of thing failed
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