Eclipse Ditto™ 3.3.0

Eclipse Ditto 3.3.0 focuses on the following areas:

  • Support replacing certain json objects in a merge/PATCH command instead of merging their fields
  • Implicitly convert a merge/PATCH command to a "Create Thing" if thing is not yet existing
  • Provide option to skip a modification in the "twin" if the value "is equal" to the previous value
  • Addition of the DevOps API endpoints to Ditto's OpenAPI definition
  • Improve DittoProtocol MessagePath to be aware of message subject
  • Support alternative way of specifying "list" query parameters
  • UI enhancements:
    • Enhance Ditto-UI to dynamically configure log levels of Ditto
    • Building and packaging the UI with esbuild

The following non-functional work is also included:

  • Provide official Eclipse Ditto Helm chart via Docker Hub and move its sources to Ditto Git repository

The following notable fixes are included:

  • Fix that redeliveries for acknowledgeable connectivity messages were issued too often
  • Fix WoT dispatcher starvation by adding timeouts to fetch models
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Minor release