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Eclipse fog05 aims at providing a fog computing platform that provides the equivalent of cloud IaaS  along with some foundational PaaS services.

In other terms, the main focus of fog05 is in providing a scalable infrastructure to:

  1. Virtualise compute, storage and communication end-to-end -- from cloud to thing.
  2. Provide a unified abstraction to provision, manage and monitor applications that may be deployed in the cloud to things continuum.
  3. Provide data virtualisation, as this is a foundational service upon which fog-based analytics, monitoring, etc. will be built.

Whilst monitoring and management is in the scope of fog05, and dynamic resource management is one of the main area in which we plan to contribute, tools for visualisation are out of scope. Third party tools or other projects will leverage fog05 API to provide 

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Creation Review2018-05-16