Eclipse Hara 2.0.0

Release Date

The hara-ddiclient library implements an hawkBit client which is able to:

  1. periodically poll the update-server and execute the requested actions
    • notify action result to the update-server
  2. send target attributes to the update-server
  3. cancel a pending update (when possible)
  4. download artifacts
  5. apply updates. An interface is exposed to the library consumers to allow platform and artifact specific implementation (Android apk, Android OTA, Linux OTA, etc)

The virtual device is a hara-ddiclient reference implementation. It allows users to test the hara-ddiclient features and perform hawkbit-server load tests and supports:

  1. configuration via env variables
  2. update result manageable via hawkbit-server (using software module metadata)
  3. running a pool of virtual devices

A docker image of the virtual device, for easy execution.


First Release

First release after initial contribution and IP review. Core feature completion with an example implementation. Provided documentation & homepage. Initial interaction with the community.