Eclipse Hono 0.5

This is the initial release of Eclipse Hono with a strict focus on providing functionality for devices to publish Telemetry data and Events for consumption by applications connected to Hono.

Devices can publish data to Hono using MQTT and/or HTTP. Eclipse Kura gateways can publish data to Hono using Kura's standard MqttDataTransport. The arbitrary transport protocols for interacting with devices are implemented by Protocol Adapters. Hono comes with an MQTT, a HTTP and a Kura Protocol Adapter out of the box. Users can extend the range of supported transport protocols by implementing a custom Protocol Adapter and integrating it with the Hono back end services.

When a device connects to a protocol adapter, Hono verifies the device's identity by means of username/password credentials thus establishing the source of the data being published. Consuming applications can then be sure that the data they receive really originates from the indicated device.

The APIs between the protocol adapters and Hono as well as the consuming solutions and Hono are defined in AMQP 1.0. 

Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
Name Date Description
0.5-M10 2017/10/24 Created Eclipse sandbox, Arbitrary bug fixes and improvements
0.5-M9 2017/10/10 Protocol Adapters now require devices to authenticate on connection establishment. Device Registry exposes RESTful resources for managing credentials via HTTP. Protocol Adapters expose additional metrics indicating number of processed/discarded messages.
0.5-M8 2017/08/11 The Device Registry now exposes RESTful resources accessible via HTTP which represent the operations of the Device Registration API. This is in addition to the standard AMQP 1.0 based Device Registration endpoint. In exchange, the HTTP Adapter no longer exposes these resources, i.e. device can no longer be registered using the HTTP Adapter. In subsequent milestones the Device Registry will be extended to also expose the Credentials API by means of RESTful resources accessible via HTTP. Please note that the RESTful resources do not constitute an official Hono API, i.e. the Device Registration API and the Credentials API are still defined by means of AMQP 1.0 message exchanges only. The REST API is simply provided for convenience, so that it is easier to e.g. register a device from the command line using tools like curl and/or HTTPie.