Eclipse Hono 0.8

This release concludes the integration of the Command & Control functionality that has been introduced as a Technology Preview in Hono 0.6. In particular

  • the Command & Control API has been extended with an operation for sending one-way commands to devices
  • the AMQP protocol adapter now also supports the Command & Control functionality

Hono now uses Micrometer for reporting metrics to arbitrary backend. With this change, Hono now consistently makes use of tags in the metrics which can be used to more easily filter and aggregate metrics in dashboards.

Hono 0.8 switched to use Java 11 for container images. However Hono 0.8 will still stick to Java 8 source and target compatiblity. Unit and integration tests will also be run on both Java 8 and Java 11. Java 9 and 10 are neither tested nor supported.

Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
Name Date Description
0.8-M1_1 2018/09/19 Extended Command and Control support.
0.8-M2 2018/10/15 Several small improvements & fixes, migrate to OpenJDK 11 as runtime in Docker images