Eclipse Hono 0.9

This release concludes the changes made in the area of collecting and reporting metrics that have been started in 0.8. In particular,

  • the meter types, names and tags used by Hono for reporting status information have been revised and adapted to provide more relevant information for monitoring a Hono installation.
  • Hono's protocol adapters and services by default expose an HTTP endpoint that can be used by a Prometheus back end to scrape metrics.
  • the Graphite based legacy metrics format is still supported but users are encouraged to use the Prometheus back end instead.

The MQTT protocol adapter now supports

  • publishing of command messages to devices using QoS 1 which allows back end applications that send commands to an MQTT device to be notified of a successful attempt to deliver a command to a device.
  • authentication of devices using X.509 client certificates. The client certificates are validated using a trust anchor that can be configured at the tenant level.
Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
Name Date Description
M1 2018/12/21 Java 11, use Prometheus instead of InfluxDB as default metrics back end, lots of bugfixes, support on-the-fly hashing of clear text passwords during registration
M2 2019/01/23 support X.509 client certificate based authentication of MQTT devices, extend tracing to Device Registry