Eclipse Hono 1.0.0

This release concludes Hono's incubation phase regarding both, development of a consistent feature set as well as learning the Eclipse development process and build-up of a community around Hono.

We have created several 1.0.0 milestones since version 0.9 which mainly focused on

  • improving functionality for sending commands to devices connected via (potentially changing) gateways
  • finalizing Hono's public APIs, in particular we added an HTTP based standard API for managing the content of the device registry
  • removing deprecated functionality like support for the legacy, Graphite based metrics back end
  • adding and improving Helm based deployment to Kubernetes as the only supported way of deploying Hono
  • support for limiting protocol adapters' resource usage by means of setting limits for the number of connected devices and message data volume at the tenant level
Release Date
Release Type
Major release (API breakage)
Name Date Description
M1 2019/03/26 Support for limiting the number of connections in protocol adapters, support for sending and receiving commands asynchronously, fixes and enhancements
M2 2019/04/25 Restored Java 8 support in Hono Client, split up HonoClient into distinct client factories for specific services, support for limiting the overall number of concurrently connected devices per tenant, added experimental LoRaWAN protocol adapter, many bug fixes,
M3 2019/04/29 Bugfix milestone.
M4 2019/05/29 Support gateway agnostic addressing using just the device ID when sending commands to devices that connect via a gateway, support for limiting the data/number of messages processed per tenant over a given period of time
M5 2019/07/01 Finalize gateway agnostic addressing, introduce Device Connection API for storing mappings of gateway to device IDs, rewrite Getting Started guide to use Hono Sandbox or Minikube instead of Docker Swarm, new Look & Feel for project web site, restructuring of web site to support multiple versions of documentation
M6 2019/07/25 Use new HTTP based Device Registry Management API in example Device Registry, support TLS for Health Check server, support definition of minimum message size to be reported for telemetry and command messages, improve HonoClient's reconnection behavior by using incremental back-off
M7 2019/08/22 add support for sampling all traces per tenant, protocol adapters close inactive links to services in order to save resources, add a data grid based Device Connection service which can be used in production, improve Helm chart to provide for more flexibility regarding deployment of example/optional components