Eclipse Hono 1.1.0

This minor release introduces the following new features

  • The Sigfox and LoRaWAN adapters now report metrics analogously to the other protocol adapters.

  • With the release of Eclipse Californium 2.0.0, the CoAP adapter became an official part of the Hono release. The adapter also supports tracking of request processing using OpenTracing but is still considered experimental.

  • A lorawan provider has been added for the loriot network provider.

  • Hono's protocol adapters now support Server Name Indication in order to allow devices to establish a TLS connection with adapters using a tenant specific server certificate and host name.

  • Hono now supports auto-provisioning of devices that authenticate with X.509 client certificates. This way, devices do not need to be manually registered one-by-one but can be provisioned on-the-fly when they first connect to one of Hono's protocol adapters.

  • The Hono Auth Server and Device Registry components now support configuring the SASL mechanisms advertised to a client connecting to these components. This can be used to restrict the support to only one of the SASL PLAIN and EXTERNAL mechanisms instead of both.

  • A new metric has been introduced to track the connection duration of authenticated devices per tenant. The protocol adapters can use this information to reject new connections from devices of a tenant if the configured overall connection time for the current accounting period has been reached.

  • Hono's example device registry now supports configuring a time out for processing requests from clients.

Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
Name Date Description
1.1.0-M1 2019/12/10 fixes and enhancements, protocol adapters support SNI, SigFox andLoRa WAN adapters report metrics, CoAP adapter is now officially part of Hono (but still experimental)
1.1.0-M2 2020/01/21 fixes and enhancements, TLS supporting protocol adapters now support auto-provisioning of devices based on client certificates, support for "loriot" LoRa WAN provider, upgraded several dependencies to latest/more recent versions