Eclipse Hono 1.10.0

This minor release introduces the following new features

  • The JDBC and Mongo DB based registry implementations now support configuration of a regular expression that should be used to validate authentication identifiers (user names) of hashed-password credentials. Please refer to the corresponding Admin Guides for details.
  • The Command Router component is now able to determine the state of protocol adapter instances, preventing command & control messages to be sent to already terminated adapter instances. Hono Kubernetes deployments where not all protocol adapters are part of the same Kubernetes cluster and namespace that the Command Router component is in, need to disable this feature via the hono.commandRouter.svc.kubernetesBasedAdapterInstanceStatusServiceEnabled property. Please refer to the Command Router Admin Guide for details.
  • The authentication provider used to guard access to the Mongo DB based registry implementation’s HTTP endpoint can now be configured using environment variables. Please refer to the registry’s Admin Guide for details.
  • The Registry Management API has been extended with an operation to delete all devices (including credentials) of a tenant. Both the Mongo DB and the JDBC based registry implementations support this operation.
  • The protocol adapters and the Command Router component now by default report a set of metrics concerning the clients used for sending and receiving messages via Kafka. Please refer to the Hono Kafka Client Configuration Guide for additional information.
Release Date
Release Type
Minor release