Eclipse Hono 1.2.0

This minor release introduces the following new features

  • The protocol adapters can now be configured with a direct connection to a data grid for storing device connection information.
  • This has the advantage of saving the network hop to the Device Connection service.

    Please refer to the protocol adapter Admin Guides for details.
  • The Prometheus based resource limits check can now be configured with a trust store, key material and/or a username and password in order to be able to connect to a Prometheus server that requires TLS and/or client authentication.
  • A Java client for the communication with the AMQP protocol adapter has been added. It can be used to implement devices, (protocol) gateways and for testing puposes. For more information refer to the Developer Guide.
  • Devices can now be configured with groups of gateways that are allowed to act on behalf of the device. This makes it easier to support scenarios in which a device may *roam* between multiple gateways. The HTTP based management API has been adapted accordingly.
Release Date
Release Type
Minor release