Eclipse Hono 2.2.0

This minor release introduces the following new features

  • All Hono components now support reading ECC based keys from PEM files that contain the Base64 encoded DER-encoding of an ECPrivateKey as described in RFC 5915, Section 4.
  • The build process now supports creating container images for the arm64 platform. Please refer to the Developer Guide for details.
  • The LoraWAN protocol adapter has been extended with support for the Chirpstack V4 provider.
  • Hono components now support producing JSON formatted log messages. Please refer to the Admin Guide for details.
  • Hono components can now be configured to use the OTEL Jaeger Remote Sampler extension which allows the sampling strategy to be retrieved from a Jaeger back-end dynamically during runtime.  Please refer to the Admin Guide for details.
Release Date
Release Type
Minor release