Eclipse ioFog™ 3.0.0


  • A new configuration item called TZ (timeZone) has been added to inject the timezone from the edge compute node into the edge microservices.
  • Added Application templates which is a way to preconfigure an entire ioFog application and create an “application store“.
  • Added LiquidJS as a simple, expressive, and safe template engine for all incoming requests.
  • Removed iofog-agent support for specific distros and Added support for any/any package which handles all distros in one package.
  • Added support for EdgeResources where the virtual meets the physical and brought external entities (sensors, cameras, 3D printers, fuel pumps, etc) into the ioFog abstraction model.
  • Log format updated to JSON from plain text to allow more formatting options.
  • Enhanced Microservice states by showing the Docker pull percentage of completion.
  • Enhanced the error handling on failure of volume mounting for microservices and made the error available for the user.
  • Allowed the use of system trust anchors in addition to the baked-in certificate via a community pull request.
  • Added UDP port mapping support in ioFog.
  • Removed phone home, anonymised analytics and crash reporting because it was no longer needed.
  • Stabilized public ports to allow microservices to securely expose public endpoints without opening ports on Agents.
  • Added custom installation plugin support for Agent deployment.
  • Added commands for upgrade and rollback of Agent to iofogctl.
  • Lots of UI enhancements in ECN viewer e.g. user will be able to deploy, start and stop applications through ECN viewer, manage their application templates, inspect in depth the state of every Agent, application and microservice, Visualise Agents on a map and get a quick summary of what is deployed on the Controller.


Security Issues

Improved interaction with Kubernetes to lower surface area of secret management.

Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
Not verified
End of Life
  • Removed phone home, anonymised analytics and crash reporting because no longer needed and not appropriate for projects exiting incubation.

Added LiquidJS a simple, expressive and safe template engine for all incoming request.