Eclipse Keypop® 2023.11

Release Date

This first release train offers 4 components:

  • 'Keypop Java Reader API' in version 2.0
  • 'Keypop Java Card API' in version 2.0
  • 'Keypop Java Calypso Card API' in version 2.0
  • 'Keypop Java Calypso Crypto Legacy SAM API' in version 0.3


The first objective of this release is to be incorporated into an Eclipse project.

Otherwise the main functional enhancement is to manage the cryptographic processing of terminals through extension libraries.

  • An initial cryptographic extension API enables a secure hardware module of the « Calypso legacy SAM » type to be integrated.

Future major releases of Eclipse Keyple will adopt the Eclipse Keypop APIs.

Target Environments

These first Java-based API components enable support for all platforms compatible with a JRE 1.6.

In the coming months, the project will be completed with a C++ version of the APIs.